Delivered Projects
Naser El-Deen Project

Completed in 1996, Naser El-Deen encompasses 4,352 square meters. It stands 6 stories and is located on Mazraah Street.

Kronfol Project

The Kronfol Building in BorjAbi-Haidar was finished in 1997. The Kronfol building is 6,408 square meters and 13 stories

Assaf Bulding Project

Completed in 1999, the Assaf Building is situated within 3,383 square meter built-up area in AishahBakkar in the Verdun district. An elegant and modern 11-story structure, the Assaf Building features well-appointed residences very near to Beirut's bustling commercial center.

DIAR Project

The DIAR Building in Mar Elias remains one of the most ambitious projects in DIAR's portfolio. Completed in 1998 and sprawling 13,900 square meters, this 20 store structure is evidence of DIAR's commitment to quality. It features a first floor clinic and retail spaces on the ground floor.

Canari 1

Completed in 1990, Canari 1 was the first in a series of developments with the Canari name.  Standing at 8 stories in the Borj Abi-Haidar sector, Canari 1 maintains its appeal with each passing year.

Canari 2

Canari 2 was completed in 1994.  At 11,910 square meters and 10 stories, Canari 2 was a significant jump in size and scope compared to the other Canari buildings.  It is also located in the Borj Abi-Haidar sector.